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Protein Before Bed: Sleep Your Way to Success

Posted by Your Sports Nutritionist on Aug 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM

A high-protein snack before bed could be the boost you need to keep your fitness goals on track.Work toward the body you envision yourself having doesn't stop when you fall asleep. Improving your health and physical appearance is a 24-hour process, and understanding that your body does important work while you rest is one of the keys to more efficient progress toward your physical fitness goals. How you act on that knowledge can have a significant impact on your goals as well.

The contents of your bedtime snack are more important than you may realize. Several studies now recommend consuming protein before bed to assist in weight loss and promote muscle growth. Consumption of the right protein, especially in the form of protein supplements, can stimulate muscle growth and repair as well as encourage weight loss.

Why Protein Before Bed?

Protein supplements may benefit individuals with many fitness goals. Those who seek to build muscle often choose protein supplements, such as whey and casein, to provide the additional nutrients necessary to build strength and mass. Muscle growth requires raw materials from which to build the muscle, and a stimulus to encourage the muscle development.

Protein serves both roles. The body obtains amino acids through the consumption of protein. These acids provide the building blocks for muscle growth, and should the body find no amino acids available, it will cease muscle growth. Synthesis rates for protein drop when we sleep for this reason. Consumption of protein before bed allows the body to grow and repair muscle while we rest.

Those who seek to lose weight may also find protein before bed an important part of their nutritional regimen. When the body digests proteins, it expends more energy than it does to digest other substances. A high-protein diet bolsters weight loss for this reason. A serving of protein before bed, when taken as part of a high-protein eating plan, can assist with the process of weight loss.

Best Practices for Nighttime Protein Consumption

Servings of protein before bed should be added with an eye to your entire nutritional plan. It is important to maintain your calorie budget while adding your evening protein dose. Without counting the calories contained in the protein supplement chosen, a before-bed protein serving may hinder muscle building or weight loss goals.

Because of casein's slower rate of absorption into the system, Jax Nutrition always recommends casein for overnight digesting. Casein protein is an excellent choice for bedtime consumption, as long as the additional calories remain within the calorie budget on the whole. The slow rate of absorption guarantees a higher resting energy expenditure and high levels of protein synthesis, so you can build muscle and cut calories in your sleep.

Jax Nutrition Has the Protein Supplements You're Dreaming Of

If you're looking for the best protein supplement for before-bed use, Jax Nutrition has the products and experience you require to meet your physical fitness goals. We invite you to take advantage of our expertise and product knowledge to find the perfect supplements for your needs!

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