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Don’t Gain Weight this Winter!

Posted by Your Sports Nutritionist on Oct 16, 2015 2:21:54 PM


Have you pulled out your "winter clothes" yet? With the days getting cooler and shorter, it won't be long before you'll need them. Back in March, when you last wore your winter clothes, you might have noticed they were getting snug. That’s because most of us put on some weight over the winter—sometimes as much as seven pounds! If this has you concerned, here are some tips to help you maintain your current weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle through the winter.

Keep Exercising!

This may be a somewhat obvious statement, but in truth, most of us gain weight in winter because we aren’t exercising to the same degree or level that we did over the spring and summer. Think about it: in the warmer months, there are many opportunities for healthy outdoor activities like team sports, hiking, gardening, swimming, or just taking walks after dinner. However, as fall sets in, most group sports come to an end, it gets dark early, and often it just seems easier to go straight home after work and watch TV.

But just because there aren’t as many obvious exercise or sporting activities in winter doesn’t mean that they don’t exist! Some good ways to get some exercise in winter include:

  • Indoor volleyball

  • Martial arts

  • Video gaming system “sports”

  • Dance classes

  • Basketball

  • Exercise videos

  • Boxing

  • Walking the dog, even if it’s dark out

Watch What You Eat

Obviously, most of us try to watch our calories and avoid overeating as a general rule. This is easy in summer with all the fresh produce and grilling out. Even in winter, when you eat at home, it’s pretty easy to watch your calorie intake and make healthy choices. Some of us are even very careful to avoid rich food and unnecessary calories when we dine out.  

Unfortunately, this practice goes right out the window between Thanksgiving and New Year’s—as we go from party to party serving the most decadent, calorie-rich foods and, often times, copious amounts of alcohol. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To keep from going overboard at holiday parties:

  • Cut back on the alcohol: If possible ask for a smaller glass of wine or a lite beer. After that, enjoy a diet soda or water before you have another (empty calorie-laden) alcoholic beverage.

  • Don’t go to the party hungry: Eat a small, healthy meal at home before the party. Then you will avoid being so famished that your stomach makes bad choices for you.

  • Eat protein and vegetables: Avoid the carbs like chips, pretzels, cookies and cakes. Instead go for the cheese, shrimp, meatballs, mixed nuts or the vegetable tray.

  • Talk to people: You attend a party to catch up with family and friends. Spend more time running your mouth than stuffing it.

Don’t Quit!

Over the winter months, you’ll probably have a few bad days where you’ll eat too much, skip exercising or both. That’s okay, it happens to everyone. The important thing is to forgive yourself for this minor lapse, and then get back to your regimen!

One simple way to keep you on track – and your calories in check – is to participate in our meal plan strategy. No need to worry about what you should or should not eat (or when); our nutrition coach will design a meal plan that’s tailored to your specific dietary needs.

The experienced team at Jax Nutrition is ready to answer your questions about nutrition and leading a healthy life. Contact us today to learn about our meal plan strategy or any of the 2,000 health and nutrition products that we carry.

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