"I have been blessed by the best from this family at Jax Sports Nutrition. All my pre and post WOD needs are always available. Thank you. You will forever have a loyal member and client."  - Jason I.

"My home away from home."  - Conchita C.

"They are like family to me! I am active duty military and they have supported me through all of my deployments. They are the best and I love being part of the Jax Nutrition family!"  - Yosef P.

"Been going to Jax Sports Nutrition for 4+ years. There supplements helped in my quest for a pro card. Great stuff! Always helpful and treat you like family. Never ending samples and advice. Doesn't feel like they sell you the product but actually want you to like it! Highly recommended."    - Andrew C.

"This is the only place I go to get what I need. They don't try to just sell you crap to make money. They listen to what results you want and then tailor everything to you. Even as you continue to change in your work out routine. They always give more suggestions on what and how to eat. Everyone on this staff is top notch. Keep it up. I know I will keep coming back and tell everyone I know."  - Lee S.

"Has what you "Think" you need. Explains what you actually need, need to eat, and how to work out. The results are an absolute guarantee if you just put in the time and do like you're instructed."  - Brian B.

"Only place I purchase my supplements from and send all my clients to!!! Great people that are extremely knowledgeable with nutrition and supplements!!!"  - Christy D.

"I have been purchasing online now for some time. When its either online or places like GNC and other retail stores in the area...well, I choose online. Recently I had heard about JSN from a few friends and decided to see what the hype was about. I went to the Tapestry Park location and right when I walked in it felt..right. You could tell right away the staff knew where the weight rooms were and I liked that. Friendly. Helpful. HONEST. We went over my needs and wants. I was given the information needed to make a choice and I walked out with $180 of quality products as well as some samples of PWO drinks to try and a smile on my face. I wasn't pressured, I wasn't given crap info..just solid info and the reason behind what I should consider and why. Are you going to find walls filled with the stuff you see in Flex magazine? Nope. But you will find quality products, a knowledgeable staff, and good prices. Did I mention the cheapest Quest bar prices in town?? Will I still buy stuff online? Sure..sometimes. Will I be in JSN at least once a month stocking up? You bet your behind!!"  - Bubba G.

"I trust Jax Sports Nutrition for my personal needs and recommend JSN to all of the runners I coach."  - Chris T.

"JSN has great customer service!! They will go out of their way to help! Great products, yummy flavors! Keep it up JSN!"  - Chelley H.

"I love the Atlantic beach store! The staff is always friendly and so helpful! With their help (and the gym of course), I am losing the rest of my baby weight!"    - Bethany N.

"I love the cookies and cream Intek Protein Evolution!!! All the guys here are super helpful and friendly."  - Angelique T.

"Thanks to Gerrick & Mike for all of their guidance & information every time I come in. Always learning something new. Loving my PB2 shakes by the way & the watermelon BCAA! You guys are the best!!"  - Traci L.

"Amazing Customer Service...such a knowledgeable staff! which is rare.. so thank you!"  - Spring C.

"Visited the Tapestry Park store, very impressed with the service. Garrick was amazingly helpful. Definitely recommend!!"  - Kendall S.

"I'm down 30 pounds so far. These guys are professionals."  - Mike H.

"I first heard about JAX Sports Nutrition from my coach at SteelMill Crossfit. Since the Atlantic store is close to my work, I stopped in and am so happy I did. Right off the bat, the customer service is above any other. I had multiple questions, and they really took their time to answer and explain it to me. I picked up some protein and BCAAs, and will DEFINITELY be returning for more knowledge and products!"  - Sean S.

"Awesome company, amazing people, wonderful advice! Love them and recommend them to everyone!"  - Christina B.

"Tony, Hadley, Mike and Christian are awesome!"  - David I.

"Great place, educated and actually in shape staff, terrific product sold. I've turned a lot off my friends and customers from my job alone to this company. Thank you."  - James M.

"Thanks for staying open and sharing knowledge on the scoops."  - Lilly C.

"Every one is very friendly and knowledgeable. You get great discounts and recommendations on how to achieve your goals."  - Jarrod I.

"Best Supplement shop in town! Great Products and even better knowledge given to guide you in the right direction to your desired goal."             - Micheal A.

"Most knowledgeable staff ever! These guys are so passionate about nutrition and their desire to help people is really apparent! They want to help you, not push products...definitely worth your time!!!"  - Christy S.

"Best of the best. Mike and his staff are knowledgeable of every product and can tell you what's best for your goals."  - Frank D.

"Highest quality products that work and highly knowledgeable staff will advise exactly what you need!"  - Mike A.